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Since its inception over 40 years ago the Princeton Forrestal Center has been recognized as a location for advanced research and development and associated academic initiatives. Today Princeton Forrestal Center continues to support Princeton University’s mission to be one of the world’s leading research universities by uniting people, resources and opportunities for the creation, preservation and transmission of knowledge.

In addition to Princeton University, the Princeton Forrestal Center is currently home to private sector, government and not-for-profit organizations involved in a broad spectrum of R&D related activities that collectively represent hundreds of top researchers and an annual budget well in excess of $100 million. The following examples provide a glimpse of the width and breadth of the R&D related activities and facilities within the Princeton Forrestal Center:


  • contract product development and commercial manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies
  • clinical trial development services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug, and medical device companies
  • clinical-stage biotechnology for the development of cancer immunotherapies
  • theoretical and experimental research in Quantum Information Science and related areas
  • controlling highly agile robotic systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), legged robots, and robotic manipulators to improve safety and performance
  • development of a comprehensive range of clinically-proven, dermatologist developed skin care products
  • developing prepackaged filtering and predictive software for structured and unstructured information and datasets for the knowledge management needs of large data-driven organizations
  • theoretical and experimental fusion and fusion energy
  • advanced plasma physics and plasma astrophysics
  • optical diagnostics
  • clinical trials focusing on the cosmetic, beauty, toiletry, personal care and baby care industries
  • satellite technology associated with transmission, receiving and distribution
  • technology for anti-counterfeiting, product safety, consumer and brand protection in the food and beverage, aviation, automotive pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • emerging formulations and advanced therapeutics within gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, pain management, oncology, anti-infectives, pediatrics, and dermatology categories
  • develop and use mathematical models and computer simulations to improve understanding and prediction of the behavior of the atmosphere, the oceans, and climate
  • super-sonic aerodynamics including: supersonic and hypersonic turbulent boundary layers and shock-wave interactions; High Reynolds number boundary layers and wakes; and unsteady propulsion and the hydrodynamics of swimming
  • development of models of atmospheric and oceanic circulation and climate, particularly studies related to global warming
  • development of earth system models specifically as related to the global carbon cycle


  • Supercomputers
  • Terascale Infrastructure for Research in Science and Engineering
  • Wet laboratories
  • Clinical and Analytical Laboratories
  • Optics and Quantum Optics Laboratories
  • Bioanalytical Laboratories including GLP-Compliant
  • Intelligent Robot Motion Laboratory (IRoM-Lab)
  • Clean-Room Laboratories
  • Advanced Laser Diagnostics Facility
  • Water Channel System
  • Surface Science Laboratories
  • SuperPipe Flow Facility
  • SuperTunnel Test Facility
  • Hypersonic Boundary Layer Facility
  • Supersonic Combustion Facility
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnels
  • Thermally Stratified Wind Tunnels
  • Low-Turbulence Variable Geometry (LTVG) Supersonic Wind Tunnel
  • Fusion Facilities